The Importance of Coding – Why Our Kids Need to Learn

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Along with the traditional maths, English and science, many schools are now offering programming lessons for kids of all ages. It’s not just schools either: there are coding clubs up and down the country, all working together to teach children this important skill. Once seen as something incomprehensible and almost scary for someone to make a start with, coding is now one of the most accessible skills for kids to learn, and definitely one of the most important.

Schools are introducing technology to even the youngest of pupils, using electronic devices along with traditional mediums to get children engaged with what they’re learning. By utilising apps to aid their education, schools can set up the first steps kids made into the world of programming.

The world as we know it is controlled by technology. Almost every aspect of our lives utilises machines or appliances in some way, from alarm clocks to mobile phones to GPS systems. All of these items were at one point programmed by someone using code, and as technology becomes more and more widespread, we need the next generations to understand how these items work.

Coding also teaches problem solving skills, which can really help children in other areas as well. Learning how to fix errors in the code they have written improves both confidence and research skills (looking up how to fix the problem), and gives kids a real sense of achievement when what they’ve created works as they’d planned.

There are plenty of resources out there for helping children learn these important skills, such as, Scratch, and Swift Playgrounds, where they can have fun whilst learning all that at the same time.

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