New Years Study Resolutions

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With a new year upon us, thought naturally turns towards positive changes we can make to our lives in the following twelve months. Students, particularly those working towards exams this year, should set targets and goals for themselves to help achieve the best results in their academic career.

Setting goals has a wide variety of benefits, including boosting confidence, aiding motivation, and helping you to make better decisions both in and out of school. The success of ticking something off of your list will help you to want to work harder as you strive to complete the next task. Which goals you set is very much up to you as an individual, but they should follow the same basic pattern.

  1. Specific
    Measuring progress is the most important factor – if you can’t see how far you’ve come, you won’t feel that rush of motivation to keep being productive. Setting the goal of ‘achieve a top grade in maths’ would be better than ‘do better in maths’, because once you’ve received that grade, you’ve officially and obviously completed that goal.
  2. Time Stamped
    Make sure you set a date for achieving your goal! Working in the short term is far more manageable and motivating, because you can see your progress as you move along. It’s good to set small tasks to work towards your main goal, such as ‘get over 80% in every maths test this term’ leading towards ‘achieve a top grade in maths’.
  1. Achievable (but not too easily!)
    Goals that are too easy won’t be a challenge. Goals that are too hard will be overwhelming. Unfinished goals are demotivating. Set targets that you know you can achieve, but that you’ll have to work for.
  2. Relevant
    Try to make sure that your goals are aligned with what you want to achieve in the future, so that you can best focus your talents. Work out what’s important to you, and how you can get there. Random, irrelevant goals might make you feel good in the short term, but they can waste valuable time.


If you’d like to find out how we can help your child achieve their targets, please contact The Tutorial Centre on 01293 972 025.

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