Motivating a child to learn

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How do you motivate your child to learn? It’s an issue most parents struggle with at some stage during their child’s education. At The Tutorial Centre, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to energise and motivate children. Here are 3 ways you can get your children to work harder at home:

  1. Reward them by setting goal-based incentives. It can be something as simple as letting your child play for an extra half an hour with their friends for every worksheet they complete.
  2. Work with your child. It’s not enough to simply ask your child to sit down and complete their homework. Work through a maths question together – you’ll witness first-hand their strengths and abilities, and be better able to address them.
  3. Praise them. Most children are highly responsive to praise, so tell them how well they’re doing. Avoid comparing them to other children, particularly siblings – doing so will negatively impact their confidence and self-esteem.


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