How does tutoring build confidence?

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Being self-assured is the first step to success, and so children of all ages need to have a strong sense of self-esteem from as early an age as possible. Clearly, both home and school should provide the environment needed to work on social skills and confidence, but for some children this isn’t enough. A child with low self-worth is likely to struggle in the classroom, leading to poor performance and academic difficulties. If your child is suffering from a lack of or low confidence, tutoring can help to bring them out of their shell.

The main benefit to tutoring, is the extra support it offers children. Being able to work more at their own pace means children will gain the confidence to tackle harder topics. With a smaller group they might feel more comfortable in sharing any problems or concerns that they are facing with their school work.

Tutoring also offers pupils a chance to work in a less distracting environment than they would do at school or at home. Not as many pupils, no devices, no siblings. This allows children to concentrate more, and to further develop their focus. This can lead to the development of self-management skills, which can help students to take ownership over their work.

For students who feel that they are lagging behind at school, or who struggle in a classroom setting, tutoring can encourage their drive to succeed. As they continue to attend sessions, they build on what they’ve learned over the previous weeks, reducing the uphill struggle some students may be facing. The more they learn, the more they want to learn, and the more they see that they can do it, and do it well.

Finally, tutoring can make learning more fun. There are new activities to undertake and, in a group setting, new friends to make. It’s a more relaxed environment, where hard work is undertaken but in a different way to school that may appeal more to students. Word or maths games may be implemented to aid learning, or group tasks undertaken.

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