7+ Tests

7+ tests are taken by pupils in Year 3, if they are applying for a place at an independent prep school.

The 7+ generally comprises of:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Reasoning (Verbal & Non-verbal)

They are usually written exams, although some schools ask children to partake in observed activities so they can see how they interact and work with others, their creativity, etc. The tests are either set by the schools themselves or brought in from outside agencies, and not all schools set the Reasoning papers.


11+ Tests

11+ tests are taken by pupils in Year 6, if they are applying for a place at a grammar school or selective school.

The 11+ tests usually cover four areas:

  • English (Written piece of work, assessing creative writing skills)
  • Mathematics (Multiple choice mental maths, maths concepts, skills and problems)
  • Verbal Reasoning (Testing English grammar and vocabulary by solving problems and following word/text sequences)
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning (Problem solving involving diagrams and pictures, with elements of maths)

The papers included in the 11+ are determined by the local education authority, so a child may not sit all of the tests.


13+ Tests

Some grammar schools offer a 13+ test, taken in Year 8 or Year 9, covering the same subjects of the 11+. If a child does not pass the 11+ they may be able to take the 13+, and schools may offer the test if there are currently no children on their waiting list, or if children have left the school and there are vacancies.


Our Approach

At The Tutorial Centre, we aim to provide all the support your child needs to get the best results in their entrance exams. Our teachers are experienced in helping students to not only achieve their full academic potential, but also increase their confidence and instil in them a positive attitude to learning.